Welcome to June6 Studio

JUNE6 STUDIO stands for Branding & Retail Driven Design Innovation. We make a difference by creating Brand & Retail strategies upon it's values.

Make a difference. Be Different.

We transform BRAND into RETAIL creating customised shopping experience. Our concept design is FREE with a visionary affinity for Brand & Lifestyle.


We Re / Construct a Brand and Re / Interpret it's needs - Brand retail Marketing is based on the science of rational & emotional behaviour of human beings. The amount of elements, activating emotions is tremendous and intensive, but not always visible! Brand Retail business relies on the subconscious decision. Here is where we step in.

Experience & Global Reach

10 Retail Architecture Design / 300 Retail Store Openings / 100 Franchise Store Openings

Up to 3000 Windows Displays Campaigns / 25 Visual Merchandising Guidelines / 15 Visual Merchandising Training Programs


Our services ranges from Branding / Design & Production to Visual Merchandising / Brand Retail Marketing. We take ownership of each stage: Strategy, Design & Deliver but the main key is the collaboration that helps the project to be finalized.